Zippy Rory & Toby: Toby Makes Three

Toby has now made a second doggy friend! He has impeccable taste in friends now (both being Whippets). Toby wasn't quite sure of Rory at first... but they soon warmed to each other. Self centred Zippy was a bit jealous of his two best friends taking so much interest in each other and not him at first. The two stroppy Whippets made amends in the end.

Rory gets excited

Rory plays gently with Toby under the supervision of Zippy

Toby watches and barks encouragement as the big boys play rough. Toby tried to get involved, but ended up running for the safety of an upturned milk crate.

How can one small dog get so massively dirty!?

Tired after a long day. So tired, Zippy doesn't mind his personal-space-bubble being popped.

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