Treat Terror

More dog shaming... sigh... such a naughty Whippet. Zippy has a food supply box ontop of his kennel where his dry dog food is kept. I lock it because Zippy learnt how to open the lid. And guess what? ... no one locked the lid of the box last night... 

"I broke into my food supply box and ate a WHOLE packet of treats, then I threw up inside because I didn't chew."

The brown, wicker food box on top of Zippy's kennel has now been safely buckled.

Product review: Ruffs Lamb Rice Crackers
Very tasty. Assure effective chewing, to avoid disastrous spewing.

Wordless Wednesday


Rat Trap

Who needs a cat when, you have a Whippet to attend to unwanted rodents... When Zippy was spotted toting around his louse-infested catch, I dropped everything and ran outside. A proud Whippet dropped his sewer rat prey right at my feet. The experience was vomit worthy.  
DOG SHAMING! This is for making me pick up a dead rat with a plastic bag!!!

Yes... you SHOULD feel guilty!

Purposely took a fuzzy photo in an effort to reduce the grossness.

Includes detachable tail!

Stink Eye Sunday

Hello! Started a new blogging idea today... (drum roll)... STINK EYE SUNDAY! Featuring funny photos of the weird faces Whippets manage to pull.

"He's using my paw as a head rest..."


Zippy and Rory: Play Date

Pet Photo Portraits: Top Tips
1.  Draw pet's attention the camera using treats or a toy
2.  Having the pet sit makes it less likely move around
3.  Use a sports mode if possible. Pets don't sit still for long!

Zippy wants the treat


 Bitey face


Zippy Rory & Toby: Toby Makes Three

Toby has now made a second doggy friend! He has impeccable taste in friends now (both being Whippets). Toby wasn't quite sure of Rory at first... but they soon warmed to each other. Self centred Zippy was a bit jealous of his two best friends taking so much interest in each other and not him at first. The two stroppy Whippets made amends in the end.

Rory gets excited

Rory plays gently with Toby under the supervision of Zippy

Toby watches and barks encouragement as the big boys play rough. Toby tried to get involved, but ended up running for the safety of an upturned milk crate.

How can one small dog get so massively dirty!?

Tired after a long day. So tired, Zippy doesn't mind his personal-space-bubble being popped.

Zippy and Toby: Play Date

Toby likes to go for the ears, especially when Zippy isn't sharing a new toy

Zippy tried to find some peace .

Toby is camouflaged! Secretly sharing Zippy's bed.

Toby had a bath... looks like he shrunk in the wash.


Car Trouble

What's more entertaining than a remote control car? A Whippet chasing a plush toy strapped to a remote control car!

It can't escape if the wheels are off the ground. 

When they say "all-terrain-vechicle" I don't think they factored in dog beds. 


Zippy, Rory and Minx: Trio Trouble

Minx the Border Terrier came over to visit today along with Rory the Whippet. Minx had a very "exuberant" repletion by the two Whippets. She didn't fully appreciate all the attention and thorough butt sniffing they gave her. In exchange she gave them a lesson in behaviour etiquette when with ladies
They eventually worked out a weird sort of play structure; Minx running after toys, Rory half trying to start a game with Minx but half scared he would be snapped at again, and socially dumbfounded Zippy just following the others around trying to keep in check. 

Minx was a bit unsure of her taller companions

Minx confusing the Whippets with her "style"

Minx running, Rory chasing, Zippy... just bumbling along after them.
(This photo kind of reminds me of the famous futurist painting "Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash")


Zippy and Rory: Brindle n' Blue Bros

Zippy's best friend Rory, the 2 year old blue Whippet, came over to visit today. Due to Rory's morning bin raid, he was feeling quite lethargic... not really up to the running and wrestling Zippy was hoping for. Rory has unfortunately "burst the seams" of his weight loss diet, much to his Mother's discontent. (Rory's a little bit chubby... by Whippet standards at least)
Even though Zippy was bit disappointed in Rory's lack of enthusiasm, they enjoyed each other's company whilst lazing around in the morning sun. 

A literal headBUTT! (head butt to the butt)

I never knew these guys were able to camouflage so well! Rory slipping into the shadows, Zippy flitting between shade and shade... Whippets can even romanticise camo! 

Zippy and Rory went to a favourite enclosed park later where they could have a good zoomies session. It was hilarious watching Zippy trying to knock over Rory to catch him. Rory gave up running after a while, but Zippy continued trying to tempt Rory into chasing him. Zippy wasn't done running yet!


Zippy and Toby: Running with the Dogs

Zippy and Toby went mad today. They have been running around after one another, bickering over toys. They are absolutely hilarious to watch. Constant barks, yaps and play growls. They went completely crazy!

Zippy play growling at Toby. "This is MY tennis ball!"

Toby is a pain in the butt sometimes, literally. *bite

Zippy's face says it all... "dis is my toy!"

Toby isn't set back by Zippy's height advantage.

Toby resting in the bushes.

Zippy and Toby: Cute GIFs

Surprise! I made some gifs to capture all the action and chaos! Zippy and Toby are just too funny to contain in still pictures.

Mexican stand off