Zippy and Rory: Brindle n' Blue Bros

Zippy's best friend Rory, the 2 year old blue Whippet, came over to visit today. Due to Rory's morning bin raid, he was feeling quite lethargic... not really up to the running and wrestling Zippy was hoping for. Rory has unfortunately "burst the seams" of his weight loss diet, much to his Mother's discontent. (Rory's a little bit chubby... by Whippet standards at least)
Even though Zippy was bit disappointed in Rory's lack of enthusiasm, they enjoyed each other's company whilst lazing around in the morning sun. 

A literal headBUTT! (head butt to the butt)

I never knew these guys were able to camouflage so well! Rory slipping into the shadows, Zippy flitting between shade and shade... Whippets can even romanticise camo! 

Zippy and Rory went to a favourite enclosed park later where they could have a good zoomies session. It was hilarious watching Zippy trying to knock over Rory to catch him. Rory gave up running after a while, but Zippy continued trying to tempt Rory into chasing him. Zippy wasn't done running yet!

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