Zippy, Rory and Minx: Trio Trouble

Minx the Border Terrier came over to visit today along with Rory the Whippet. Minx had a very "exuberant" repletion by the two Whippets. She didn't fully appreciate all the attention and thorough butt sniffing they gave her. In exchange she gave them a lesson in behaviour etiquette when with ladies
They eventually worked out a weird sort of play structure; Minx running after toys, Rory half trying to start a game with Minx but half scared he would be snapped at again, and socially dumbfounded Zippy just following the others around trying to keep in check. 

Minx was a bit unsure of her taller companions

Minx confusing the Whippets with her "style"

Minx running, Rory chasing, Zippy... just bumbling along after them.
(This photo kind of reminds me of the famous futurist painting "Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash")

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