Tasty Tuesday: Banana and Chicken Cubes

This recipe is very simple! similar to the salmon freezies

You will need 
An ice cube tray
Cooked chicken
Sliced banana

Layer the chicken and banana in the ice cube tray
Use cooked chicken meat, no bones

Freeze and feed!


Tasty Tuesday: Salmon Freezies

 Today's Tasty Tuesday Treat is an icy delight. 
You will need:
Cooked salmon (we used cooked dog safe left overs)
Dry dog treats
A freezer and ice-cube tray 
A doggy taste tester

To start layer a piece of salmon in each square of the ice-cube tray
Next add a layer of crushed dry dog treats, we used dried sardines as they had turned to dust in the packet and were no longer good as training treats. Liver or other dry treats should work. 
Layer more fish and treats
Use a jug to pour water or to be extra fancy a dog safe chicken broth,  to fill each cell in the tray.
 Bring on the taste test!